Every month we plan out 2-3 Disney Order Days. Some months, you vote on which days. Others, we work them out with our schedule. The dates are announced on Instagram and can also be found listed on the calendar under the "pop up" section of this site. 

About 5-6 days before an order day, a post will go up on Instagram with a menu. We have a limited menu on Disney order days because of the quick turnaround.  It usually consists of 4-5 pie pop flavors. The menu post will have details for the day, and you leave your order and PayPal email in the comments, or you can DM us with your order.

You will receive a PayPal invoice with my cell number and an approximate time frame on where I'll be to meet. On that day, you should also get a DM on Instagram with the same info. 

On the day of, we'll meet up, you'll get your order, and enjoy! It's that easy!! You can order as many as you want, and our minimum is only 4. It's a great way to try a few different flavors and to have a different and fun Mickey shaped snack in the parks.

Arrangements can be made to meet in downtown Disney or to drop off at a Disney resort hotel as well. Just DM us directly to discuss.

(If we don't pick your day for a Disney order day, you can always feel free to reach out!! We may be able to arrange something if our schedule allows. It never hurts to ask!) 

We love Disney, and pie, and we think they're the perfect match!! We hope we can make your Disney trips extra magical!! 

Please send us questions at jess@hellosweetiepies.com and keep an eye out on our Instagram for details and the order form for our next Disney Order Day.

Send over your pics from Disney Order Days or post on Instagram (tagging @HelloSweetie Pies) and we might feature them on our pages!